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My Writing Goal

It’s submission day, the day I turn over my latest work to an editor. Most editors ask a series of questions about your goals for the piece. As I prepare this package, I realize my goals really haven’t changed. Here’s the last response.

My goal as a writer is to produce fun stories that are easy to read. I’m not attempting high literature but I don’t want people putting the book either. My wish is to keep people in the story and not have them stumble over poorly constructed sentences, bad grammar, misspells, and unclear content. I don’t write overly dark, hyper-sexualized, or politically correct stories. I want the reader to laugh occasionally, care about the characters, and enjoy the plot ride. I like my characters to have quirks since humanity is quirky by nature. I like huge backdrops with a character focus and hope my readers enjoy the same. If I meet these goals I’ll be happy with the result.

I wrote that a year or so back and my goals have not changed.

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