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Recently I ePublished my first work. While I found lots of great resources regarding how to write, publish, edit, submit, tear, fold, staple, and mutilate your work, I didn’t find any blogs detailing how a first timer discoverer the pitfalls of publishing his or her first work. Thus my purpose here isn’t to give advice or serve as an example of a success story, but rather let you know what didn’t work so you can learn from my continual face-plants into the metaphorical astroturf. You can find these articles under the Lessons Learned category.

Also on the blog you’ll find advice updates on my publishing efforts. For this section I’ll write stories about where I’m published and how it got there. Here you’ll find advice on how to find places to publish, how to write query letters, and how to give The Man what he wants so he/she will print your finely crafted prose. Check the Publishing category for these articles.

The Stories category will contain snippets of writing for your review and comment. I really do want feedback. Just try to make it constructive.

Lastly, I’ll have an Announcements for things you might be interested in seeing or doing.

Thanks for checking out the site.

Happy writing,


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