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World of Grey Mobile App

One of my beta readers developed a cool little mobile application for a school project. Derek asked me rough out a plot then paid for some cool artwork from Tone Rodriguez. He hasn’t received the grade for the project but I’m betting it’s an A. You can find the current beta version of his at the […]

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World of Grey Reviews

If you support Indie authors, please remember to leave a review of their work on your eBook distributor. It means a lot when a reader takes the time to leave their thoughts. These reviews for World of Grey made my week. From Amazon: Strong voice, fun characters and a nicely frantic plot unite in this […]

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Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Tips for Writers

I stumbled upon this and thought I’d share. by

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The Future of Storytelling Online Course

This came across the social streams the other day. It’s an online course on the future of storytelling. Are you interested in the mechanics of current fiction formats? Do you want to know how stories are told? Do you want to analyze, understand, contextualize and create stories and narratives? Then join our MOOC and share […]

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Coming soon . . .   Update: The book has now been released. You can find it at Smashwords and Amazon.   by

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My Writing Goal

It’s submission day, the day I turn over my latest work to an editor. Most editors ask a series of questions about your goals for the piece. As I prepare this package, I realize my goals really haven’t changed. Here’s the last response. My goal as a writer is to produce fun stories that are easy to […]

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Planetary Map Generator

I found an interesting web site the other day that generates planetary maps. You can, in fact, download the C source code for your own use. The author, Torben Ægidius Mogensen, claims it’s been tweaked and updated for over twenty years so the code may be a bit messy. Still, you know the saying about gift […]

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Time Marches On

I’ve struggled with what to bring to these pages for a while, deciding to let the blog go and directing my efforts to my Tech Parenting and Gaming blogs. My friend Derek had other ideas. I had hoped to put writing tips here but the blogosphere is full of those from better authors with a […]

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I Won!

It was quite an effort but I did it! Thanks to everyone for all the support. by

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Release – The New Moon Murders

Genre: Horror/Detective Word count: 25,000 Price: $0.99 Description: January, 1930 – Chicago Something evil stalks the streets performing human sacrifices every new moon. The police are baffled. High society wants it covered up. The mob wants the murder weapon. Fearing the involvement of a long time parishioner, aging priest Father Burke turns to a man […]

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