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Jim Butcher Videos

I found videos from the Space City Con featuring Jim Butcher discussing writing. This was, by far, the most informative session I’ve ever attended. Part 1 Part 2 by

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The Painful World of Grey

There are some stories that flow from your mind into Scrivener like water down a stream. World of Grey wasn’t one of those. I had to beat the flaws out with large, literary hammers. The story started out simply enough. A friend wanted a short story of about two thousand words to go into one of […]

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Are Your Characters Chickens or Pigs?

In a breakfast of ham and eggs, what’s the difference between a chicken and pig? The chicken is involved. The pig is committed. I named this blog Hard Lessons for a reason. The rules of writing aren’t always obvious. I started writing decades back as a hobby. I shared my stories and essays with friends […]

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Ya Ain’t Talkin’ Right

My copy editor from Flourish Editing returned my latest story. There’s a few persistent flaws that need work, one of which is dialogue. This post and others like it become a check list for the revised draft phase. Yes, I use my blog as a personal notebook. Use ‘said’, ‘asked’, etc. sparingly. Other methods let […]

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Tools of the Trade – Scrivener

At some point you need to consider the tools in your writer’s toolkit. I’m not referring to tricks for writing engaging dialog or chapter construction. I’m talking about the actual programs and places you go to write. Microsoft Word  is the go-to tool for most writing tasks. The Microsoft Corporation did an excellent job with […]

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Jim Butcher – On Writing

I recently attended Space City Con. I enjoy SciFi/Fantasy cons for the costumes and characters as well as the ability to meet some of my favorite celebrities and writers. At this year’s Space City Con, Jim Butcher ran a pair of writing classes. What follows here is a summary of my notes. Language Words are […]

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National Novel Writing Month

This year I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo as we call it. NaNoWriMo and the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program are both run by the Office of Letters and Light, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. Donations help us bring free creative writing programs for kids and adults in over 500 cities and […]

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Writer’s Blindness

I learned a hard lesson when I began writing with an eye toward publishing. I have one heck of a time finding my own writing errors. You are one of a lucky few if you’re gifted with wonderful self-editing abilities. The rest of us have real issues finding problems in our own work. Why is […]

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