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Jim Butcher Videos

I found videos from the Space City Con featuring Jim Butcher discussing writing. This was, by far, the most informative session I’ve ever attended. Part 1 Part 2 by

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The Painful World of Grey

There are some stories that flow from your mind into Scrivener like water down a stream. World of Grey wasn’t one of those. I had to beat the flaws out with large, literary hammers. The story started out simply enough. A friend wanted a short story of about two thousand words to go into one of […]

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The Butcher Method and Scrivener

I wrote a previous article about Jim Butcher’s advice on writing. I attempted to carry out those methods in my latest story, ‘The Edge of Space’. Below are a list of my scenes and sequences. Note that this was a story I had already written. I simply added to it to cover Mr. Butcher’s advice […]

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Jim Butcher – On Writing

I recently attended Space City Con. I enjoy SciFi/Fantasy cons for the costumes and characters as well as the ability to meet some of my favorite celebrities and writers. At this year’s Space City Con, Jim Butcher ran a pair of writing classes. What follows here is a summary of my notes. Language Words are […]

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